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We are an Independent Benefits Consulting Firm that specializes in helping companies of all sizes save 15% - 20% on their overall healthcare costs and improve their employee retention strategies. We are dedicated to providing benefits solutions that lead to business success for our clients including:

* Enhancement of employee benefits at no cost to the company.

* Strengthened retention and increased employee morale.

* Reduction in payroll taxes.

* Increased profitability.

We Save Businesses Money

Find out how the Silverman Benefits Group can help your business raise its bottom line while enhancing benefits for your employees at no costs to you as the employer and without changing any benefits you currently offer.

Supplemental Benefits

We bring a simple and customized supplemental benefits program to company employees at no cost to employers using our innovative and unique "Three Cylinder Approach". We provide a streamlined enrollment process, administration of our programs, and ongoing services to ensure your satisfaction.

Testimonials of our clients` experiences are shown below on the home page.

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